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Need a Pool Start-Up in the Boynton Beach, FL Area? Look No Further!

If you’re a first-time pool owner, the first-time pool setup process can seem daunting. There are many essential steps to ensure that your new pool is set up correctly and safely. This is why you must entrust the start-up of your pool to a qualified pool contractor.

At Austin Pool & Spa, we understand that the first-time pool start-up can be overwhelming. Because of this, we take the time to carefully explain the procedure to you and respond to any questions you might have. Our experienced pool specialists have the knowledge and expertise to properly handle all aspects of the pool start-up process, including filling the pool with water, balancing the chemicals, and testing the equipment.

When you choose Austin Pool & Spa for your new pool start-up, you can rest assured that your pool will be in good hands. We only use high-quality supplies and equipment to ensure your pool is set up for success. Our experienced team will always ensure that your pool is operational immediately.

So, whether you’re in Boynton Beach or the surrounding areas, call us at (561) 808-7114 to learn more about our pool start-up services. Our team of qualified pool specialists is always happy to answer any questions and provide the expert guidance you need to handle your new pool start-up properly.

We Offer Reliable Pool Fire-Up Services

A new pool start-up may be needed for new pools that have recently been constructed or completely remodeled. The pool start-up process is critical to having a beautiful pool, and it can take up to seven days to complete. Even though you can fill up your new pool with water, there are still a few things that need to happen before diving in!


You need to clear out any calcium carbonate, which can occur due to the curing of the pool’s plaster. This plaster ‘dust’ can form on the surface and must be properly cleaned. You also need to test your water to ensure it has the correct pH level and calcium hardness, among other things. 

After all, this is done, the proper amount of chlorine must be added to the water. We’ll handle your first-time pool start-up process – just call us!

Call Us for Your Swimming Pool Start-Up Needs

Whether you’ve just installed a new swimming pool, or revamped our existing pool, call us for all your pool start-up needs in and around Boynton Beach, FL. We can also handle your weekly maintenance to ensure that your pool looks its best and that the water is as healthy as possible. We have been in the pool industry for many years, and we know how much time and effort it takes to get your pool up and to run. Get a quote for your first-time pool setup today!


As a pool company in Boynton Beach, FL, we serve clients in these and surrounding areas:


  • Delray Beach, FL 
  • Lake Worth, FL 
  • Greenacres, FL 
  • Lantana, FL 
  • West Palm Beach, FL 
  • Palm Springs, FL
  • Hypoluxo, FL


For more information about our pool services, call us at (561) 808-7114 today for a free quote.

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