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Professional Pool Maintenance Services in the Delray Beach, FL area

At Austin Pool & Spa, we know how much you like going for a swim in your pool and enjoy a pleasant time with your family and friends. That’s why it is essential to keep your pool clean and presentable. We are a pool company offering pool cleaning services in the Delray Beach, FL, area for almost a decade. Our pool maintenance services keep your waters chemistry adequately balanced, so your pool equipment doesn’t get damaged. Call our technicians now and keep your pool clean!

Your Go-To Pool Cleaning Service

Keeping your pool clean is just as important as keeping your home clean. If your water is not safe, it can cause issues like skin and eye irritation, reducing your pool liner, and damaging your handrails. Extend the life of your pool by getting our swimming pool maintenance services.


We offer the following services:


  • Weekly Pool Cleaning
  • Non-Toxic Pool Alternative
  • Acid Washes
  • Pool Maintenance
  • New Pool Fire Up
  • Salt Pool Services

Get Our Outstanding Pool Cleaning Services

Having a chlorine-free pool got easier with the help of our experts. If you live in the Delray Beach, FL, area, call us today and get a free estimate! We work with top-of-the-line materials and equipment to provide you with the best results.

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